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Seven Signs

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Credits dont go to me A friend on a Lineage 2 site made it

The Seven Signs is a competition between Dusk and Dawn for control over the seals of Shilen, the Goddess of Death. Currently there are three seals that players can compete for and control. Basically, players compete for a week during the competition period, which starts the Monday morning after their server’s sieges. Each side has one week to gain as many points as possible. The next Monday, the competition period ends and the winning side gains control of the seal(s) they chose. You can view the current status of the competition, the amount of seal stones you have turned in, how much adena you will earn if your side wins, etc. by purchasing a Record of the Seven Signs for 500 adena from any of the Dusk or Dawn Priestesses, which are located in every town except starter towns. In most towns, the Dawn Priestess is located near the church. In addition to the record of the Seven Signs (shown below), the Priestesses also sell greater CP potions.

The Seals
Seal of Avarice
The teleport NPC at the entrance of the Necropolis moves only members of the winning side inside the dungeon.
They can meet Anakim or Lilith (depending on the side) in the Disciples Necropolis.
The Merchant of Mammon appears inside of the necropolii, porting from one necropolis to another. Players can purchase various items from Merchant of Mammon with Ancient Adena, as shown by the following table: Item Cost (AA = Ancient Adena)
Scroll: Enchant Armor Grade A 240,000 AA & 480 Blank Scrolls
Scroll: Enchant Armor Grade B 80,000 AA & 160 Blank Scrolls
Scroll: Enchant Armor Grade C 15,000 AA & 30 Blank Scrolls
Scroll: Enchant Armor Grade D 6,000 AA & 12 Blank Scrolls
Scroll: Enchant Weapon Grade B 500,000 AA & 1000 Blank Scrolls
Scroll: Enchant Weapon Grade C 110,000 AA & 220 Blank Scrolls
Scroll: Enchant Weapon Grade D 50,000 AA & 100 Blank Scrolls
1 Gemstone S 100,000 AA
1 Gemstone A 30,000 AA
1 Crystal: S grade 25,000 AA
1 Crystal: A grade 15,000 AA
Blessed Scroll of Escape 150,000 AA
Blessed Scroll of Resurrection 400,000 AA
Any +1/-1 Dye 42,000 AA
Any +1/-1 Greater Dye 60,000 AA
Any +2/-2 Greater Dye 72,000 AA
Any +3/-3 Greater Dye 108,000 AA
Any +4/-4 Greater Dye 174,000 AA

Seal of Gnosis
The teleport NPC at the entrance of the Catacombs moves only members of the winning side inside of the dungeon.
Members of the winning side can use teleport to various locations by their priestess with Ancient Adena.
Preachers of Doom move around each village, except the Beginner's Village, and randomly cast debuffs on members of the losing side.
Orators of Revelation move around each village, except the Beginner’s Village, and randomly cast buffs on members of the winning side.
The Blacksmith of Mammon appears inside the Catacombs, porting from one catacomb to another. Players can pay the Blacksmith of Mammon Ancient Adena to imbue and A-grade weapon with a special ability, unseal A-grade armor, upgrade gear to better equipment, and exchange D or C-grade weapons (free of charge) for other weapons of the same value (crystal price).
Seal of Strife
- If owned by Dawn
Castle Lords can hire Dawn mercenaries, in addition to the existing mercenaries, for sieges.
The cost of upgrading the castle gates and walls is slightly reduced.
The defensive power of the castle gates and walls is slightly increased.
The maximum tax rate that the lord of each castle can establish is increased to 25%.
The Revolutionaries of Dusk cannot use any siege weapons (Siege Golem, Wild Hog Cannon, Swoop Cannon).
- If owned by Dusk
Castle Lords cannot hire the existing mercenaries and can only hire low-level mercenaries.
The cost of upgrading the castle gates and walls is greatly increased.
The defensive power of the castle gates and walls is greatly reduced.
The maximum tax rate that the lord of each castle can establish is decreased to 5%.
Joining a side
Any character that has completed its first class transfer quest may join either Dusk or Dawn. Every player must register at the beginning of each competition period and choose which seals they want to control. If a side does not already control one of the seals, 35% of the people fighting for that side must vote to control that seal to gain control of that seal upon their victory. If a side does already control a seal, only 10% of the people fighting for that side must vote to control to control that seal to retain control upon their victory. Either way, your side must win the competition to control the seals. In the record of the seven signs you can see the percentages of votes from each side and what they are trying to control.


Any player can join Dawn. Members of an alliance that own a castle may do so for free. All other players can either pay 50k adena or use an Approval Certificate obtained from a castle lord in order to join Dawn.


Only the characters who are not members of the castle clans and guilds may join the Dusk. It is free to join Dusk.

Competition Period
There are two main categories in the competition, each worth 500 points, the collection of seal stones and the Festival of Darkness. Whichever side has the most points at the end of the competition period wins.

Collecting Seal Stones

Hunt monsters with nephilim and lilim in their names, which can found in the catacombs and necropolii (you must be registered to either Dusk or Dawn to enter these dungeons) to obtain blue (a value of 1), green (a value of 5), and red(a value of 10) seal stones. These monsters do not drop adena or other items, they only drop seal stones. Seal stones may be traded with or sold to other players. To turn in your seals stones, go to your sides Priestess and choose contributing seal stones. The amount of ancient adena you gain if your side wins depends on the amount of seal stones you turn in.

Necropolis Catacombs
Name Lvl. Range Region
Necropolis of Sacrifice Lvl. 20-30 Gludio
Pilgrims Necropolis Lvl. 30-40 Fortress of Resistance
Worshipers Necropolis Lvl. 40-50 Alligator Island
Patriots Necropolis Lvl. 50-60 Gludio Castle
Necropolis of Devotion Lvl. 60-70 Altar of Rites
Necropolis of Martyrdom Lvl. 60-70 Giran Castle
Saints Necropolis Lvl. 70-80 Field of Whispers
Disciples Necropolis Lvl. 70-80 Devastated Castle
Name Lv Range Region
Heretics Catacomb Lvl. 30-40 Execution Ground
Catacomb of the Branded Lvl. 40~50 Giran Harbor
Catacomb of the Apostate Lvl. 50-60 Lizard Plains
Catacomb of the Witch Lvl. 60-70 Forest of Mirrors
Catacomb of Dark Omens Lvl. 70-80 Dark Elven Village
Catacomb of the Forbidden Path Lvl. 70-80 Hunters Village

You must turn in your seal stones for them to contribute to your side’s total. The points that your side has for this part of the competition is reflected by the percentage of your sides contribution to the total value of seal stones turned in. For example, if Dawn has turned in stones with a value of 1000 and Dusk turned in stones with a value of 4000, Dawn would have contributed 20% of the total value of stones so their score will be 20% of 500, or 100 points. Likewise, Dusk will have a score of 400 points.

Festival of Darkness
The Festival of Darkness is a competition to see who can kill the most mobs in 18 minutes. To access the festival, teleport to your side’s Oracle by talking to your Priestess and selecting “Participating in the Festival of Darkness” and then “I wish to go to the Oracle of Dawn/Dusk.” .

Festivals begin every 20 minutes and are run for various level ranges. Each Festival has a different point value as a reward. The total point value for all Festivals is 500 points. If your side’s score for a given Festival is higher than the opposing side, your side will gain those points for the overall competition. You must pay an entry fee in seal stones in order to participate in a Festival. Like the reward values, each level range has a different entry fee, which is payable in EITHER blue, green or red stones.

Level Blue Seal Stone Green Seal Stone Red Seal Stone Points
Below 32 900 540 270 70
Below 43 1500 900 450 70
Below 54 3000 1800 900 80
Below 65 4500 2700 1350 80
No Limit 6000 3600 1800 100

To participate in one of the festivals, you must have a party of at least 3 people of the proper level range, all have at least one quest slot open (you cannot have 15 out of 15 possible quests active), have your less than 80% of your inventory space, and your party leader must have enough seal stones for pay the entry fee for your team.

To enter the Festival, you must talk to the NPC for your party’s level range when there is announcement it is time to register. For each side, only one party can compete for each level range at a time. When the festival is about to begin, your party will be teleported into the competition space for your level range. Upon being teleported, your buffs will be cancelled. You will have approximately 2 minutes to buff before mobs start spawning.

Mobs will spawn slowly at first with progressing difficulty and numbers as time goes on. For each mob you will obtain “Blood of the Sacrificed” which reflect your score. Different mobs give different amounts of these items. If you use a pet or get outside buffs (via an overlord outside of the competition area) then your score will be cut in half. There is no penalty for using skill based summons such as a warlock's summons or a dark avenger's panther. You can increase the difficulty (or leave the festival) by talking to the NPC in the middle of the competition area. You can only increase the difficult, which spawns more mobs, after killing the "Offering" mobs at each corner of the competition area. MP/HP regeneration is increased in the middle area on the platform.

Warnings about the time limit will occur in shout when there is 10 minutes left, 5 minutes left, and 2 minutes left in the festival time limit. When time runs out, your party will be teleported back outside of the competition period. For your score to count, the party leader must register the score within 40 minutes. The score for that Festival is only updated if the score is higher than the current highest score for your side.

After the competition period ends and their side won, the party members who set the highest record for each level range can receive Ancient Adena as compensation from the Guide of the Festival. After the entire amount of the entry fees from all parties attempting that Festival’s level range is converted to Ancient Adena, the amount of compensation that is received is allocated to the winning parties. Although a party may set the highest record in a specific grade, they cannot receive the prize if the side they belong to loses.

Reward Period
During the reward period, if the Seal of Avarice or Gnosis is controlled, only members of the side that controls that seal can enter a necropolis or catacomb, respectively. If Dawn wins, a solar eclipse occurs and the sky turns to a violet color, but if Dusk wins, an eye is created in the moon and the sky turns to a green color.


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